In 2012 I worked on a game for iPad/Mac called Ghost Train. The game mechanic was simple, stop the trains from hitting each other by changing the signals on the track. I guess it would be akin to having a pac-man map where more ghosts we added over time…maybe.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the game, back then it was written in Objective-C and Cocos 2D.


Trainwreck levelTrainwreck launch screen

It’s been a few years since then, this game didn’t get many downloads….however its a game that I wanted to play, and played.

In mid 2016 I decided to re-build it, but with a new engine. I had lots of grand ideas for it, many are in the game today.

I decided to start writing the game in SpriteKit, so it would be a direct port of the Cocos 2D version, I quickly changed to SceneKit when I wanted 3D, this version got really far into production, see these screenshots:

Trainwreck scenekitTrainwreck scenekit


Here’s some videos too of the SceneKit version running:

But as time went on, I wanted more features that SceneKit (at the time) couldn’t do without a lot of work from myself on the engine.

So enter Unity, I’ve used Unity briefly before, I used it for 10 minutes then gave up, but then I watched a guy on YouTube making a Crossy Road clone in 5 videos, it blew my mind, so I jumped right back in.

So here I am currently working on Trainwreck in Unity, with the hope of releasing on iPad, tvOS and macOS.